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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PoC?

PoC stands for Press-to-talk Over Cellular. It is not strictly a two-way radio technology but behaves very much like one.
PoC is the technique of using the mobile phone network to make calls that behave like conventional two-way radio with instant access and one-to-many calls but with the advantage of the world-wide coverage of cellular phone networks 3G, 4G etc.

Key Features.

National and international coverage.
If you have access to the 3G/4G or better cellular data then you can talk to your other PoC Transceivers that are also in 3G/4G coverage.

Instant Push-to-Talk calls.
Unlike mobile phone calls, you push the button and talk. No dialling, instant connection and instant response.

GPS mapping.
Many PoC systems allow you to view the real-time location of each PoC transceiver.

How it works.
PoC is essentially a special software application (client) that accesses the services made available by a cloud-based PoC server. The server routes the PoC calls to all transceivers in your network. The PoC transceiver may be a dedicated PoC handset, mobile or base station.

What distance do PoC Transceivers cover?

There is no limit. As far as you have GSM/3G/4G or WiFi signal you will be within reach. This means that you are only dependent on the cellular carrier service, or a WiFi hotspot.

Why is this better compared to traditional walkie-talkies?

Traditional two way Transceivers will always be limited by distance and interference. As we work with a digital connection that relies on cellular carrier service, you will always experience loud and clear, interference-free communications. Besides, you don’t need to invest in expensive radio infra-structures like licences fees, subscriptions, repeaters, towers, antennas etc.

Can I use any SIM card?

No, you may only use a special GSM SIM Card.

Do you supply the PoC Transceivers with a SIM card?


What is the function of the SOS button on the PoC Transceivers?

The SOS button will send an alarm to all users, showing the location of the user who pressed the SOS button.

Do you offer a dispatch system?

Yes, you can install our dispatch system on any Windows PC and contact any users, and check their position on the map. A Platform Management Console is also available (optional) and allows you to have complete control of your radio fleet and employees on the ground.

Can I specify which users can access each group or channel?

Yes, you define which users within your organisation can access each of your channels. For example, you can have a channel for “all” and one just to be used by the management team.

Do i need a large amount of PoC Transceivers? Can I try before I buy?

Not at the moment. But you can buy two PoC Transceivers at a discounted price before you invest in a large quantity of PoC radios/subscriptions.

Optional Location Reporting.

All PoC Transceivers have built-in GPS receivers and location information is reported in real-time to the PoC server. This information can be viewed on a console using online PoC mapping software.

PoC System costs.

There are two charges for the PoC System.

Hardware charge. The one-off purchase of the PoC Transceivers.

Special SIM card charge. A special GSM SIM card with a fixed data allowance is needed.