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System Description

The PTT over Cellular Wireless Communication System (PoC) is a combination of a communication platform and digital technology transceivers that operate in a similar way (PTT) to traditional VHF or UHF transceivers – but instead of having a limited range, expensive accessories, interference from other networks, interruptions and interruptions of conversations, as well as high financial charges for the installation and maintenance of the networks, as well as the necessary conditions for issuing permits for installation and operation AGRICULTURE of – the PoC system exploits with appropriate platforms, part of the range of cellular networks, providing cheap, safe and reliable communication at national or at European level.

In summary: The PoC system makes it possible to communicate between people, a group or user groups, for example one or some of them in Alexandroupolis, another in Corfu, some in London and others in Crete, provided there is a 2G / 3G / 4G or WiFi from any mobile carrier.


Also, PoC devices have the ability to track and locate the position of vehicles or users of portable transceivers. With real-time tracking, built-in GPS and instant location updates, the PoC system provides the conditions for all partners to be up-to-date, efficient and secure.


A second advantage is the SOS button, which allows the user with a single push to call the other members of the group to help, while at the same time on the Admin screen, the alarm and event point are displayed.